Thursday, November 1, 2012

Great Falls After Hurricane Sandy

If you can go to Great Falls in the next couple of days, it's worth the trip. Call ahead to make sure trails are open: the water level is likely to rise before it falls. On Wednesday, the MD boardwalk to the falls was closed (towpath was open) but the VA side was all open -- and amazing.

great falls virginia after hurricane sandy
There are usually a lot more rocks visible here.

great falls va after hurricane sandy

The DC area definitely dodged the worst of this storm -- there's a post on the VA side of Great Falls showing how much higher the water has gotten in the past. This is really nothing in comparison. And yet it's still a dizzying amount of water. Huge logs are floating downstream. The familiar landscape of rocks is almost completely covered. And it's all moving so FAST.

We also stopped by Carderock to check out the Billy Goat C trail -- which is completely underwater in many places:

billy goat c trail under water
I hope you all get a chance to get out and enjoy ever-changing nature safe!