Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greatest Hits of 2011

With only 2 days left in the year, it seems safe to take stock of our visitors in 2011. There were over 21,000 of you this year. As far as Big Brother Google can tell, about a quarter of you live in DC, a fifth in Virginia, and a fifth in Maryland, with the rest coming in from around the world -- including all 50 states and over a hundred countries. Thanks so much for joining us on our adventures through the natural world.

Help us find even more readers for 2012! If you have friends who enjoy the outdoors (or some who should get out more), send them a link to your favorite post -- or send along this list of the most popular posts of 2011. Have other ideas about how to spread the word? We're all ears.

Greatest Hits - Of the things we posted in 2011, these got the most traffic:

How Cold is Too Cold to Play Outside?
Nature Centers in the DC Area
Public Campgrounds in the DC Area
LOOK FOR: Footprints in the Snow
LOOK FOR: Bear Corn (or Cancer Root, or Squaw Root)
What's the Most Romantic Outdoor Spot in the DC Area?
LOOK FOR: Garlic Mustard
Rock Creek Park: Boundary Bridge - Riley Spring Bridge Loop
LOOK FOR: Backyard Birds
LOOK FOR: Vultures (They Make Better Valentines than Teddy Bears)

Recurring Favorites - These posts keep getting lots of visits even though they were published over a year ago. I knew the swimming and canoeing posts would be perennial local favorites, but the post on frog and toad eggs continues to draw readers from British Columbia to Kuala Lampur. Who knew?

Natural Places to Swim (Somewhat) Near Washington, DC (August 2010)
Car-Free DC: Ten Great Places to Hike Around DC by Public Transportation(Sept 2009)
Places to Rent a Canoe or Kayak in the Washington, DC Area (August 2010)
McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area (March 2010)
LOOK FOR: Frog and Toad Eggs (and Tadpoles) (April 2010)
Scott's Run Nature Preserve (Nov 2009)
10 Nature-Themed Halloween Costumes (Oct 2009)
LOOK FOR: Oyster Mushrooms (May 2010)
Stay in a Lockhouse on the C&O Canal (July 2010)
LOOK FOR: Mosquito Larvae (June 2010)

Did you have a favorite post on the Natural Capital this year? Something you'd like to see more or less of next year? We'd love your feedback!