Friday, July 22, 2011

Rocky Raccoon's tips on staying cool

We've got a big old post oak in our backyard, and over the last several years we've increasingly seen a raccoon that seems to be living up there. The times we see the raccoon the most are when it is HOT. It likes to hang out spread-eagle on a branch.

And a few times now, we've caught it swimming in our pond.
Rocky clearly has read our list of ways to beat the heat, including seeking shade, taking it easy...and getting wet.

Now would also be a great time to check out our list of places to swim within a 2 hour drive of Washington DC. It's not supposed to get below 80 degrees until Sunday. (Did you know Washington, D.C. has had twice as many 80+ lows in the last two years than the entire period from 1872-1930? Yikes.)

Raccoon pool party in our pond tonight!