Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Calendar: Outside in the Evening, July 20-24

We went out to Luray this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday and it was downright cool out there in the evenings. In honor of that break from the summer heat, here are some selections from our calendar that will take you into the evening hours:

P1030430 Flying Bat
Photo credit: Albert.ag
Wednesday, 8 PM: Head to Huntley Meadows to watch bats. "The only mammals with true flight can find insect prey in complete darkness. Learn about the diversity and adaptations of bats at a slide-illustrated lecture at Huntley Meadows Park from 8 to 9:30 p.m. Then search twilight skies for these fascinating animals on the wing." $6 per person.

Thursday, 5 PM: Join Melanie Choukos-Bradley for a tour of the local trees at the US Botanic Garden on the Mall. " Melanie will teach you how to identify tupelo, hophornbeam, red buckeye, pawpaw, oaks, pines and many other native trees as you stroll the grounds of the National Garden. She will also share some of the arboreal history of Washington, D.C., which has long been known as the “City of Trees,” and offer ideas for self-guided tree tours in and around the nation’s capital."

Friday, 8:00 PM: Meadowside Nature Center in Rockville is leading a nighttime walk. "We'll learn about the special way nocturnal animals have adapted to the night, and hike the trails around Meadowside to experience a world much different than its daytime counterpart."

Sunday, 6:00 PM: Every Sunday, Brookside Nature Center hosts a sketching group. This week's theme is birds. $10.

There are many, many more activities on our calendar, during the evenings and during the day. Enjoy!