Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Potomac River Watershed Cleanup this Saturday, April 9

Bye Bye Beer Can, by Emily Wander.
Winner of the 2010 Photo Contest.

Every April, there's a one-day cleanup at hundreds of sites across DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to get trash out of the Potomac River watershed. Last year´s haul came in at 250 tons, including more than 15 tons of recyclables, 21,597 plastic bags, 1,844 tires, 3 canoes and 2 couches!

This year's cleanup is on Saturday morning, April 9.
Find a cleanup site near you
and pitch in.

Want to up the ante? Participate in the Trash-a-Thon, where you can get people to sponsor you to collect that trash.

As always, there's plenty more on our calendar for this weekend. But I hope you'll join us in spending a few hours looking for trash on Saturday morning.