Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The morel season has been off to a sluggish (but still delicious) start. We had two moderately successful hikes on the last two weekends: everybody went home with at least one mushroom, but not with the big scores we've had in some years. (And wow, the spring wildflowers were beautiful.)

On Sunday Matt and I hit another spot we know for morels and discovered this 4-foot snake guarding some of them. It even fake-rattled its tail at us when we came close.

And then, when we were scoping out an entirely different spot in Washington, DC for a possible July walk, look what was growing right along the trail!

Sauteed morels and asparagus for dinner, yum!

Our friend Shannon tells us production is finally picking up at our favorite spot in Silver Spring (she discovered it too, the sneak). Heading back out today to look for more.

It's so easy to become obsessed at this time of year.