Monday, April 11, 2011

Calendar: Animal City (April 16-17)

This week's picks are three unique opportunities to see wild animals in different ways.

Smithsonian Naturalist Museum - Leesburg, VA
Smithsonian Naturalist Center
Photo credit: mediafury
Saturday from 11 to 4 is an open house "draw-in" at the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Leesburg, VA. The center houses thousands of specimens -- including many animals that you can use as models. Professional artists will be on hand to demonstrate drawing techniques, answer questions, and offer advice. Ages 10+. Free.

Sunday at 9 AM, the Ancestral Knowledge Tracking Club will practice animal track identification, aging, and interpretation. "The ability to identify animals by their tracks gives you the opportunity to become the animal and see through their eyes. You will experience the story as it unfolds: who was the fox chasing? how did the rabbit respond?" $5-10 donation.

Sunday from 12 to 3, at Barnard Hill (Eastern Avenue and Randolf Street, NE) - Animal City USA! "Drop by to learn about area wildlife, feel animal furs, and meet a ranger’s best hiking companion at this little-known unit of Rock Creek Park!" Free.

As always there are also many birding outings and other hikes and activities on our calendar. Enjoy!