Monday, January 31, 2011

Calendar: Night Creatures (Feb. 5)

You lookin' at me?
Photo credit: pm107uk
Regardless of what Punxatawney Phil does this week, the days are getting longer. So while it's still getting dark early, you may want to take advantage of programs looking for creatures that are more active at night -- by summer, you won't see them until several hours later. This Saturday evening at 5:30, for example, you might see:

Flying squirrels. Programs at both the Audubon Naturalist Society in Silver Spring ($17-$24) and Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington ($5) will look for these adorable critters.

Owls. At the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, there will be a walk to look and listen for these night hunters (free).

Registration is required for all of these programs. And there are lots more -- for daytime and nighttime -- on our calendar!