Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's the Best Book You Read About Nature in 2010?

I come from a family of book readers and gift givers, and at this time of year the two converge pretty heavily as I start thinking about books to give and to request for Christmas.

For those of you in the same boat, or just looking for a good read, I'll tell you the best nature-oriented book I read this year, hands down:

Where the Wild Things Were, by William Stolzenburg. It's a fascinating review of recent research on the importance of predators as regulators of ecosystems. Most notably, there's an entire chapter devoted to the overpopulated deer of the DC metro area. Long story short: because there are no predators for the deer, the entire forest ecosystem is having trouble reproducing.

I know there are lots of books I haven't made it to this year -- any you'd recommend?