Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calendar: Early Fall

We're back from a fantastic trip to Colorado (pictures here) to find that it's becoming fall here in DC. I was in denial over the fact that it's mid-September until I heard today's weather report: high in the low 70s? Really?

Blue-headed Vireo
Vireo by Art Drauglis
Well, some of the folks on our calendar anticipated this turn of seasons with fall-themed events. They include:

A Montgomery County park naturalist is leading a free hike at Tridelphia Reservoir on Thursday, in part to look for fall songbird migrants. Call 301-924-4141 for more information or register here.

Huntley Meadows is hosting a Fall Birds and Bagels even Saturday at 8 AM. Your $8 registration fee includes breakfast, which might take the edge off of getting up so early. Register at 703-768-2525.

There's also a fall warbler walk scheduled at Brookside Nature Center on Sunday morning at 9:30. $6; register here.

The first in the Audubon Naturalist Society's Fall Walks is on the C&O towpath near Sharpsburg. It's at 8 AM on Sunday (but no breakfast). $30; register here.

And Sunday afternoon at 2:00 there's a fall equinox hike scheduled at Potomac Overlook Park. Call 703-528-5406 for reservations.

As always, there are lots more events -- including an opportunity to go see a Talk of the Nation program on the Gulf oil spill, a couple of bat programs, and lots of hikes and cleanups -- on our calendar.