Sunday, August 22, 2010

Calendar: Hiking the Ant Mounds, and Other Insect-Related Activities

Sometimes a single activity on the calendar strikes my fancy and generates a whole week's theme. This week, from the Northern Virginia Hiking Club:

...a spectacular 5.4 mile hike along Little Bennett creek through a 3,700 acre park in nearby Montgomery County. We'll pass by an old one-room school house from centuries ago. There is a fun suspension bridge over the wide creek and an amazing end to this hike through a forest filled with hundreds of giant, 3-4 feet tall ant pyramids, the only place in Maryland where giant ant mounds can be found by the hundreds.
Mound Builders
Ant mound at Little Bennett, by grggrssmr
That's on Sunday morning.

What other creepy crawly adventures are there in store for you this week, should you choose to accept them?

On Tuesday evening at the French Embassy, there's a screening of a work-in-progress called Symphony of the Soil, sponsored by the Environmental Film Festival and FRESHFARM markets. This may be more gardening-and-food related than pure nature, but they're sure to talk about all the creepy crawlies that make healthy soil healthy. Tickets are $30 and include a reception with light food and cocktails.

The butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens, Wings of Fancy, will close in September. This hot summer has been rough on them, so they could use your support with a visit.

The two remaining bug activities are aimed at kids:

This is the third and last in a recurring Wednesday evening series at Locust Grove Nature Center in Bethesda called "moth flicks" -- it's not clear whether these are movies about insects, or just expected to draw in the moths...which could be cool too.

On Sunday afternoon, Mason Neck State Park has a program called "Crawly Creatures Beneath Your Feet": learn how creatures live under a log, and look at them up close.

Of course, it's August, so nearly anything you do outside will involve some bugs. See our calendar for more info on these and many other options.