Monday, July 5, 2010

Calendar: Fireflies and Butterflies

A couple of fly ideas for your weekend. (Do people still use the word "fly" that way?)

Photo credit: Art Farmer
The fireflies are out in full force, and it's time for the 2nd Annual Firefly Festival at Fort C.F. Smith Park in Arlington on Sunday evening. "Well have lots ways to have fun and learn all about the critters that light up the night. Events include; bug hunts, games, crafts, walks, and talks about fireflies. Bring your picnic blanket and dinner to enjoy as we wait for the sun to go down and the lights to come out." Registration is required ($5 per person).

While we're talking about pretty flying insects, I don't think we've mentioned Wings of Fancy yet this summer -- the butterfly exhibit up at Brookside Gardens. It's open 10:00 to 4:00 every day. Walk around inside the conservatory with hundreds of local and exotic butterflies, and learn about their life cycles. $6 ages 13+/$4 ages 3-12 (frequent visitor passes are also available). Be prepared: the greenhouse can be even warmer than outside, especially in the afternoon.