Sunday, June 6, 2010

Calendar: Native Trees and Plants

I'm overwhelmed by choice as I look at our calendar. Maybe this should be a weekly contest: pick a set of three or four activities and tell us what they have in common. Or, tell us how you'd spend your week/weekend if you could spend it just doing activities from the calendar!

When all else fails, we like to geek out on plants. There are options at many levels of plant geekiness this week:

Photo credit: izik
Throughout June, the US Botanic Garden on the Mall offers Monday evening tours (at 5:30) in the wonderful outdoor native plant garden known as the "National Garden." The tour description promises stories about the plants and advice about whether they'd grow well in your home garden.

The local chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society meets Thursday (6/10) at 7:30 at Green Springs Gardens. They'll be talking about sites on the VNPS registry, which have significance as an exemplary occurrence of a habitat, a plant community, or a plant species.

Saturday morning at 9:00, Casey Trees is offering a "Trees 101" class, including a walk to explore the District's urban tree canopy. Free, with breakfast provided, but you need to register.

Other options for Saturday morning include a 9:00 hike at Huntley Meadows, which promises blooming buttonbush, swamp rose, and lizard's tail, or a 10:00 walk with the Anacostia Watershed Society and the Maryland Native Plant Society at Fort Dupont Park.

See? There was a theme. And there's so much more on our calendar. Check it out. And leave a comment with anything else you'd like to highlight.

We'll see you out there -- with my aunt and my parents in tow this weekend!