Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calendar: Wild Food Tasting This Tuesday

Cream of wild mushroom soup by dejathoris
Every May, the Mycological Association of Washington organizes a wild food tasting that's one of our favorite events of the year. It's nothing fancy -- it's in the basement of a library -- but people who love mushrooms and edible wild plants come out to share morsels of their best recipes in a friendly tasting competition. Some of last year's highlights included a divine cream of morel soup, and wild mushroom quiche.

We'll be there competing for your vote with some spicy garlic mustard pesto and sweet black locust blossoms...that is, unless some other inspiration (or a big score of mushrooms) comes our way between now and Tuesday night.

You have to join MAW to come to the tasting, but you can join at the door for $20 single/$30 family. Existing members pay $10 at the door unless you bring a dish to share in the tasting.

If you want to cook, you'll do it there - MAW has strict rules about getting a knowledgeable person to check your mushrooms and other wild food before you cook them. Also, if you have a good mushroom recipe, there will be some donated cultivated mushrooms of several varieties that you can use. Many more details here.

As always, there are many, many more things on our calendar for this week and weekend -- we'll see you out there!