Tuesday, May 11, 2010

America's Great Outdoors Initiative - What Do You Hope For?

A few weeks ago, President Obama launched a "Great Outdoors" initiative with two main goals:
1. Conservation, and
2. Reconnecting Americans to the outdoors.

Interestingly, Obama made a case for conservation during tough economic times in passing during his introductions -- saying "conservation is not contrary to economic growth, it is an integral part of economic growth" -- and came back later in the speech to make the point more fully: "It was in the midst of civil war that Abraham Lincoln set aside lands that are now Yosemite.  It was in midst of a great depression that FDR formed the Civilian Conservation Corps that built the trails and campgrounds and parks we enjoy today. Even in times of crisis, we’re called to take the long view to preserve our national heritage –- because in doing so we fulfill one of the responsibilities that falls to all of us as Americans, and as inhabitants of this same small planet."

Of course, it remains to be seen what substance will come out of this. First up: a series of listening sessions that will culminate in a Nov. 15 report. What do you hope to see come out of the plan? Leave us a comment below. Or hop on over to the intiative's website, and share your ideas.

Skip to 2:15 to miss the tedious introductions -- and to 3:40 for the best laugh line.