Sunday, April 25, 2010

Calendar: Arbor Day and other celebrations

The first Arbor Day was celebrated on April 10, 1872, but since a national proclamation in 1970, Arbor Day has been on the last Friday in April -- April 30th this year.

(Is it really the end of April already?! I ask. Why yes, it is.)

Photo credit: ehpien
The US Botanical Garden will celebrate Arbor Day with a stroll through the National Garden on Friday at noon to see trees and shrubs of the Mid-Atlantic region. Free, but pre-registration is required. There's a repeat tour on Saturday at 1:00.

Want to plant a tree for Arbor Day? There are some programs that will give you significant savings off a tree for your property: 
In DC: $50 rebate from Casey Trees and the DDOE
In MD: $25 coupon for a tree
In VA: I'm not aware of any programs. Anyone?

There are lots of other celebrations going on this weekend, not specifically related to trees (but in places that have lots of them). The Potomac Conservancy is holding a spring gala on Thursday night,  followed by an opening day celebration at their River Center on Saturday. And on Sunday there are events at Huntley Meadows and Potomac Overlook Park. Check them out -- and much more -- on our calendar. We'll see you out there!